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Highly Professional

Following a rigorous code of conduct, our investigators operate with complete discretion & integrity, & will tackle your case with a professional attitude, utilising their individual knowledge & experience to attain your satisfaction.

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We guarantee you that your needs will be met, no matter the difficulty. Through attention to detail, developing alternate strategies and perseverance, we promise that even the most difficult cases will be resolved

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Swift and Effective

Our expert knowledge of local areas, legal standards and the most advanced, cutting edge technology and techniques allows us to conclude your case quickly, and provide you with the information that you require.

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Proven Track Record

The Starlight Investigation is associated with several investigative organizations and associations so that we can provide you with top quality services across the nation.

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Starlight Investigations

Starlight Investigations are a team of highly experienced, professional private investigators, with offices based in Hatton Garden, London. We are focused on helping you attain the information you need, and draw from a wealth of experience in the private investigations field. At Starlight Investigations, our exceptionally skilled and qualified staff specialise in civil, financial and commercial cases. Promoting a professional and scrupulous attitude at all times, we are prepared to take on any task, no matter the challenge.

We are established in the South-East of England, with a wealth of experience of operating in London and Essex, where our private investigators have developed expert knowledge of local areas. This allows us to operate quickly and effectively in comparison to ‘nationwide’ or ‘outsider’ private investigation agencies. Additionally, our local knowledge and UK base aids speedy and effective communication, meaning we can deal with your case as quickly as possible. Finally, Starlight Investigations have a track record for discretion and integrity; the security and success of your case is our priority.

Why Use Starlight Investigations?

Local knowledge

Starlight Investigations operate primarily in London and surrounding areas. Because of this our private investigators have built up a wealth of knowledge and understanding of ‘our patch’. This means we can make faster and more effective progress than ‘outside’ agencies, because we don’t have to spend time getting to know the area.

Depth of experience

The private investigators working for Starlight Investigations have a wealth of experiencing in civil, financial and commercial cases. Thanks to a full understanding of UK law and access to databases that are not available to the public, we are able to expertly and diligently investigate your case.

Complete discretion

Starlight Investigations’ private investigators operate with complete discretion at all times. We fully respect and implement our clients’ right to discretion and avidly follow the Data Protection Act of 1979.

What our clients said?

"Have you ever really wanted to prove that someone’s been lying to you? TV shows always make it seem so easy. Characters just whip out a lie detector and, hey presto! The fib is uncovered. When our unreliable housemate broke the boiler, our landlord held us all accountable just because we couldn’t prove it was him. It was a costly mistake and my friends and I were desperate for the real culprit to take responsibility. So, we made like an episode of The Bill and hired Starlight Investigations and their amazing lie detector! The real offender – Howard, from upstairs – was quickly found out and presented to our landlord with the lie detector results in hand. Now I can spend my money on a trip abroad, no boiler required!" - Jordan (Manchester, UK)
"My husband hadn’t been acting right for months. I’d tried to talk to him about it, but I just knew he wasn’t telling me the truth. In the end I bit the bullet and hired Starlight Investigations for surveillance. They quickly uncovered his vice: he was seeing another woman. Of course until I knew for sure, I was worried it was all in my head and I’d be found out. My concerns were unfounded. Starlight Investigations use discreet surveillance measures and act in confidentiality, often working with professionals with a background in military and security services. For me, they really were the shining light at the end of a horribly dark tunnel." - Laura (Grays, Essex, UK)
"It’s not exactly an easy occupation, process serving. In the case of serving bankruptcy papers, I mean quite literally! As a lender, all too often I see small business owners bite off more than they can chew, and then disappear from sight. Or at least, they attempt to. Starlight Investigations and their process serving team make the whole business of serving bankruptcy papers easy. They carefully follow the Solvency Act and provide a valid Certificate of Service, bringing my badly behaved clients to account with the upmost efficiency. I’m very grateful for their service." - Claire (Edinburgh, UK)

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